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DUI School

A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) comes with a whole slew of penalties under Florida law. One of these penalties is the required participation in a certified DUI program. Even if you’re not convicted, you may be still forced to attend DUI school. Completing a DUI program is also a condition of applying for a hardship license.

The Florida Safety Council manages DUI schools in Brevard County, Florida. If you’d like to participate, you must meet the qualifications and pay any associated costs. If you or someone you know has been charged or convicted of a DUI, it’s important that you seek legal representation.

Attorney for DUI School in Brevard County, Florida

Florida law requires that all DUI offenders must enroll in DUI school. The Florida Safety Council runs classes for Brevard County residents to teach them the dangers of driving impaired. A DUI program can be expensive and time consuming. It’s best that you’re aware of what you may be going into before applying online.

The attorney at Law Offices of Bryan J. McCarthy practice law throughout the Florida criminal courts. We are equipped with the right resources to fight your charges. Our attorney can inform you if DUI school is applicable for your charges.

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Overview of DUI School in Brevard County, FL

  • Do I Enroll in Level I or Level II School?
  • How Do I Enroll in DUI School?
  • What are the Requirements for DUI School?
  • What Do They Teach in DUI School?
  • Rules for Brevard County DUI Program
  • DUI Program Locations in Florida
  • Additional Resources

Do I Enroll in Level I or Level II DUI School?

The Florida Safety Council hosts two classes for DUI offenders in Brevard County. Level I course is designed for first-time DUI offenders, or DUI offenders who had their charges amended to reckless driving. In some cases, the court may order a level I DUI course for other offenses or situations such as:

A hardship license is a restrictive license that allows an offender to drive in a limited capacity. It’s important that you don’t enroll in DUI school to obtain an immediate hardship license. It’s highly advisable that you hire an attorney and file for a formal review hearing to combat your administrative suspension.

You won’t get your hardship license immediately, but the evidence in the hearing can be used in your case. If you hire an attorney, the Bureau of Administrative Review will give you a 42-day permit. You will be able to drive while your attorney fights to refute your suspension.

The other DUI class by the Florida Safety Council is level II. Level II DUI classes are reserved for anyone with a prior DUI, reckless driving arrest or other alcohol or drug-related offense. It can also apply to those who have taken the level II class prior or to obtain a hardship license.

How Do I Enroll in DUI School?

If you wish to enroll in DUI school, there are certain steps you must follow. The enrollment process is two hours long, but you can apply online or in-person. If you apply in-person you must:

  • Live in Brevard County;
  • Arrive two hours prior to close of business;
  • Pay any enrollment fees and a 3 percent GovPayNet service card fee;
  • Undergo an evaluation for any dependency on drugs or alcohol;
  • Receive hardship license documentation if necessary;
  • Review the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Administrative Rules;
  • If needed, apply for a treatment provider network; and
  • Qualifies to attend DUI school.

It’s important to know that you will be required to pay the program’s costs. Level I DUI classes are $275.00, and level II DUI classes are $420.00.

What Are the Requirements for DUI School?

If you wish to attend DUI school, you must fulfill certain requirements, which include:

  • Have photo identification;
  • Have a proof of residency such as a pay stub or utility bill;
  • The DUI arrest citation or ticket;
  • The arrest affidavit, charging affidavit or police arrest report of the DUI;
  • The test results for any failed breath, blood or urine test;
  • If applicable, the Pre-Trial Diversion Contract; and
  • Certification from the court if the DUI was in another state and the documentation isn’t available.

What Do They Teach in DUI School?

DUI classes use certified teachers and experts to effectively educate offenders about the effects of alcohol and other drugs. The course content for the Florida Safety Council DUI program includes:

  • The effect of drugs and alcohol with a person’s ability to drive;
  • How Florida DUI laws function;
  • How the Florida DUI court process works and the DHSMV;
  • Alternatives to drinking and driving scenarios; and
  • Resources for drug and alcohol abuse in the community.

Additionally, you must complete all of the requirements for DUI school in 90 days to complete the program. Failure to complete the substance or alcohol evaluation, enrollment requirements and DUI classwork will result in you re-enrolling in the program. You will be forced to pay all the same fees, collect the same paperwork and do the same DUI course work again.

Rules for Brevard County’s DUI Program

The Florida Safety Council has implemented some rules to ensure that all students are learning effectively, while the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) has a set of administrative rules to address DUI program violations.

A DUI program can dis-enroll or refuse to enroll any person who:

  • Refuses to complete the information required to enroll;
  • Refuses to participate in the evaluation process or class sessions;
  • Is disruptive or isn’t willing to comply with the rules of the program; or
  • Brings deadly or dangerous weapons to the DUI program.

The administrative rules define “disruptive behavior” as any threatening gestures and language; shouting or using profanity in the classroom; or behavior that is seen as unacceptable in court. The Florida Safety Council reserves the right to call law enforcement and escort you from the property for being disruptive. Afterwards an incident report will be sent to the court or your probation officer.

The Florida Safety Council uses these guidelines below to provide a safe and positive learning environment to students DUI school students.

  • Alcohol and controlled substances are not allowed on Florida Safety Council grounds;
  • Cellphones must be off;
  • You must be on time for all classes and appointments;
  • You must bring photo identification for each appointment and class session;
  • Any missed classes must be made up;
  • You must complete the whole course within 90 days of enrollment;
  • You must not show up to class impaired on alcohol or a controlled substance;
  • No children or guests are allowed in class; and
  • Appropriate dress and behavior are expected.

If you miss a class session you must have a good documented cause. If not, you will be required to begin the class again from session one. On top of that, you will be charged with a rescheduling fee. Missing your appointments can also result in a rescheduling fee. If you can’t attend an appointment you must contact customer service no less than five days before the appointment to avoid a fee.

DUI School Locations in Florida

The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) lists all the locations for DUI programs in Florida. The following are the DUI school sites for Brevard County, Volusia County and Indian River County.

Brevard County

Florida Safety Council

1515 Elizabeth Street, Suite C.

Melbourne, FL 32901

Phone: (321) 952 – 5337

Fax: (321) 727 – 7429

Florida Safety Council

250 N. Courtenay Parkway, Suite 201.

Merritt Island, FL 32953

Phone: (321) 631 – 2347

Fax: (321) 639 – 2593

Indian River County

C.O.R.E. Program, Inc.

907 Johnson Avenue

Stuart, FL 34994

Phone: (772) 286 – 7333

Fax: (772) 223 – 0903

Volusia County

Sunshine Safety Council, Inc.

150 North Beach Street

Daytona Beach, FL 32114

Phone: (386) 253 – 6400

Fax: (386) 254 – 3458

Additional Resources

Brevard County DUI Program – Visit the official website for the Florida Safety Council to find more information about their DUI school. Access the site to learn about level I and level II courses, traffic school, online classes and Florida Safety Council contact information.

Treatment Provider List – Visit a document provided by the Florida Safety Council that lists treatment agencies in Brevard County. Find contact information and locations for treatment providers that can give counseling services for those struggling with alcohol or drug abuse.

Lawyer for DUI Programs in Melbourne, Florida

If you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI, it’s vital that you retain legal counsel. You may be required to enroll in a DUI school for your charges. It’s possible that you’ll be obligated to pay course fines and attend sessions for your DUI conviction.

Call the attorney at Law Offices of Bryan J. McCarthy now to discuss your charges. We have handled many DUI cases in Florida with our effective defense strategies. Our attorney can evaluate your case and uncover any DUI programs that apply to your charges. Let our attorney at Law Offices of Bryan J. McCarthyguide you today through this confusing legal process.

Law Offices of Bryan J. McCarthy practices law throughout the greater Brevard County area and surrounding counties including Indian River County and Volusia County.