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Aggressive Defense Against Second DUI Charges in Brevard County

If you face a second DUI charge in Florida, you need experienced legal representation to protect your rights and navigate the complexities of the legal system. The Law Offices of Bryan J. McCarthy is here to help you during this challenging time. With a proven track record of successfully defending clients in DUI cases, our firm is your trusted partner in securing the best possible outcome for your second DUI case. We represent clients throughout the Brevard County area, including Palm Bay, Indian Harbor Beach, Melbourne Beach, Malabar, West Melbourne, Cocoa Beach, Palm Shores, Melbourne Village, Grant-Valkaria, Indialantic, Rockledge, Cape Canaveral, Melbourne, Satellite Beach, Titusville, and Cocoa.

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Second DUI in Florida

A second DUI charge in Florida is a serious matter. Florida has stringent laws to combat drunk driving, and penalties for a second DUI offense are considerably more severe than those for a first-time DUI conviction. Whether you made a mistake or believe you were wrongly accused, it is essential to understand the potential consequences and the importance of having a skilled Melbourne second DUI lawyer by your side.

The Consequences of a Second DUI Conviction

If you have been arrested for a second DUI offense, it is important to understand the severe consequences you may face. In addition to fines, jail time, and a suspended license, a second DUI conviction can have long-lasting impacts on your personal and professional life. Some of the potential consequences of a second DUI conviction include:

  • Permanent criminal record
  • Mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device
  • Difficulty finding employment or housing
  • Inability to obtain certain professional licenses
  • Increased insurance rates
  • Loss of custody or visitation rights

At The Law Offices of Bryan J. McCarthy, our experienced DUI defense attorneys know how to fight for your rights and minimize the impact of a second DUI conviction.

Exploring DUI Defense Strategies

If you have been charged with a second DUI in Florida, it is essential to understand your legal options and work towards building a solid defense. Our experienced DUI defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Bryan J. McCarthy have a deep understanding of Florida DUI laws and can explore various defense strategies to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Some common DUI defense strategies include:

  • Challenging the validity of the traffic stop or arrest
  • Disputing the accuracy of field sobriety tests or breathalyzer results
  • Examining the chain of custody for any evidence presented by the prosecution
  • Asserting a violation of your constitutional rights during the arrest or booking process

Our attorneys will work closely with you to understand the unique circumstances of your case and tailor our defense strategy accordingly. We are committed to protecting your rights and minimizing the impact of a second DUI conviction on your life.

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Facing a second DUI charge in Melbourne, Florida, is a serious matter with potentially life-altering consequences. The Law Offices of Bryan J. McCarthy is here to provide the aggressive and knowledgeable legal representation you need to protect your rights and achieve the best possible outcome for your case. We are committed to fighting for your freedom, future, and peace of mind. Your second DUI case deserves the attention and dedication of a skilled legal team, and we are here to deliver results.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Must I complete DUI School following my second DUI conviction?

Yes. All individuals convicted of a second DUI in Florida are required to complete Level 2 DUI School.

What is the minimum period that my driver's license will be revoked following a second-time conviction within 5 years?

Your driver's license will be revoked for at least 5 years with eligibility for reinstatement after 1 year.