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While it may not always be possible to protect yourself from criminal activity, it is expected that you will be safe while on someone else’s property. For example, when you eat at a restaurant, you expect that you won’t be robbed or attached while you are there. Business owners are required to take certain security measures to ensure their guests and patrons can remain safe while they are on the premises. If you were harmed due to an establishment’s lack of adequate security, it is important that you fight for compensation for your injuries. With over 10 years of experience, The Law Offices of Bryan J. McCarthy have the knowledge and experience to help you fight for your recovery costs.

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Did a Business Fail to Protect You?

Not all businesses are required to protect you from outside threats. You may not have a claim if you were simply outside your apartment building when you were attacked. However, if you pay extra for your apartment to provide security, you may be able to sue the security company for failing to do their job. You may also have a claim with the apartment building for failing to provide adequate security.

You may also have a negligent security claim if:

  • You were a victim of a hotel break-in
  • You were a victim of gun violence at a nightclub
  • Your attack took place in a high-crime area
  • You were a victim of an attack but have no evidence due to a lack of security cameras
  • A business’s parking lot did not have adequate lighting to prevent the attack on you

With negligent security, your claim will rely on proving that the owner of the property did not exercise reasonable care when considering how to keep patrons or occupants safe. It’s important that you prove that there was an imminent danger in the area where the crime occurred.

How We Can Help

The Law Offices of Bryan J. McCarthy bring over a decade of experience to every case we take, and we understand how to hold insurance companies accountable for when they owe victims for compensation. While it is the duty of an insurance company to provide financial assistance for those hurt on their clients’ premises, they will often do what they can to avoid paying out a settlement. One strategy to avoid payment could include blaming the victim for wrongful or illegal use of the property. We take pride in helping our clients obtain what they need to recover from their injuries.

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