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Resolving Arrest Warrants in Brevard County, FL

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The attorney at the Law Offices of Bryan J. McCarthy often helps clients resolve an outstanding arrest warrant issued in Brevard County, FL, for a felony or misdemeanor case. An arrest warrant can be issued for any number of reasons.

Depending on the facts of the case, your attorney can help you in the following ways:

  • Find out the bond amount and whether the prosecutor or the court will agree to lower the bond amount
  • Work with law enforcement to negotiate your surrender so that you spend the least amount of time in jail as possible
  • If the warrant was improperly issued, the attorney can petition the court to withdraw the warrant or capias

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Failure to Appear in Court

In certain cases, the court may issue a warrant or capias for your arrest after you fail to appear in court. In some of these cases, the individual has a valid reason for missing the court date. If appropriate, your attorney can file a motion to withdraw the capias and reset the case for another court date.

Violation of Probation Warrants

If the probation officer alleges that you violated probation, then the court may issue a “no bond” warrant for your arrest. Hiring an attorney in these cases is important for several reasons. First, your attorney can contact your probation officer to find out what conditions are outstanding.

Your attorney can give you advice on how to come into compliance quickly. In certain cases, your attorney may be able to file a “motion to surrender” which will give your attorney an opportunity to ask the judge to set a more reasonable bond before you go into custody.

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