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Melbourne Criminal Defense Attorney

Fighting for the Rights of the Accused throughout Brevard County & Beyond

Located in Melbourne, Florida and serving all of Brevard County, including Melbourne, Rockledge, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, Palm Bay, Titusville, and the surrounding areas. The Law Offices of Bryan J. McCarthy offers aggressive legal representation for those accused of serious crimes. Additionally, our attorney regularly handles complex personal injury and wrongful death claims. We provide a full-service approach for our clients, offering attentive guidance, honest counsel, and dedicated advocacy from start to finish.

If you are facing criminal charges or a criminal investigation, call our office for a free consultation to find out what you need to do now to protect yourself. Fighting for the best result often requires hiring an attorney as early in the process as possible before memories begin to fade and favorable evidence is lost. The decisions you make in the days and weeks following your arrest may dictate the avenues of attack available to the criminal defense attorney that you retain to represent you.

The Melbourne criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of Bryan J. McCarthy zealously fights for his clients. We take an aggressive approach, coupled with meticulous attention to detail. We believe that by filing and litigating all viable motions, we can often negotiate a better resolution to the case or force the prosecutor to drop the charges.

Don’t delay; contact our office online or by phone at (321) 248-7742 for a free, confidential consultation.

Our Case Results See Why Client's Hire Us

  • Ct 1 – DUI; Ct 2 – Possession of less than 20 grams of cannabis
    Case: State vs. T.B. Case #: 2013-mm-0X1X7X County: Brevard County Date: November 2013 Facts: The Defendant was pulled over on A1A by Satellite Beach Police department. The client was arrested for driving under the influence, and he refused to give a breath sample. He was also arrested for possession of less the twenty grams of cannabis. Outcome: State dismissed the possession of cannabis and amended the DUI to a reckless driving right before trial.
  • Driving Under the Influence Second Offense
    Case: State vs. A.C. Case #: 2012-ct-0X5X6X County: Brevard County Date: November 2013 Facts: The client was charged with a second DUI. The state offered jail, and my client opted to exercise her Constitutional right to a jury trial. Outcome: The client was found not guilty.
  • Driving While License Suspended
    Case #: 2010-CT-0X8X8XA County: Brevard County Date: January 2011 Facts: The defendant was given a criminal citation for driving while her license was suspended. The state could not prove the Defendant knew her license was suspended, so the state dismissed the charges. Outcome: The defendant’s case was dismissed by the State Attorney’s Office
  • DUI
    Case: State vs. S.W Case #: 2011-ct-0X6X9XA County: Brevard County Date: October 2011 Facts: The defendant was pulled over on his way home from a local establishment. The officer conducted field sobriety exercises. The client refused to give a breath sample, and he was arrested. Outcome: The attorney went to trial on this case. After jury selection, the state lowered the charges to reckless driving, and the client was able to maintain his license and was not even put on probation.
  • DUI
    Case #: 052015CT0XXX09AXXXXX County: Brevard County Date: December 2016 Facts: Client was driving home from work at around 2am, and dropped his cellphone underneath his seat, causing him to swerve erratically. His vehicle was subsequently pulled over by law enforcement officers, and the client was arrested for Driving Under the Influence. Complicating matters, the client was facing immigration consequences, and likely deportation as a result of his pending charges. Outcome: The Attorney filed a Motion to Suppress the Evidence, arguing that the law enforcement officers who stopped our client’s vehicle were outside of their jurisdiction. After the hearing on the Motion to Suppress, the State Attorney’s Office agreed to reduce the DUI charge to a civil traffic infraction, with no immigration consequences to the client.
  • DUI
    Case: State vs. R.H Case #: 2012-ct-0X2X0X County: Brevard County Date: October 2012 Facts: The client was charged with DUI. The client was parked with her car on. The police pulled up behind her and conducted a DUI investigation. Outcome: Prior to trial, the State offered a reckless driving. The client did not lose her license, and she was not put on probation. The client received a withhold of adjudication and a fine.
  • DUI with a breath alcohol level above a .15
    Case: State vs. K.C. Case #: 2013-ct-0X6X8X County: Brevard County Date: October 2013 Facts: The Client was pulled over by the police for allegedly swerving with her lane. The police arrested her and she blew a breath alcohol level twice the legal limit. Outcome: The state amended the charge to a reckless driving and dropped all of the civil infractions.
  • DUI with one prior
    Case: State vs. J.H. Case #: 2011-mm-0X5X1XA County: Brevard County Date: May 2012 Facts: Client was pulled over and issued a ticket for driving under the influence and was arrested. Outcome: Client was found not guilty by a jury of his peers.
  • DUI, 2nd Offense
    Case: State v. K.H Case #: 2010-ct-0X1X5X County: Brevard County Date: March 2011 Facts: The client was pulled over by the Satellite Beach Police Department. The client was ordered to do field sobriety exercises and refused to do them. The client was arrested for driving under the influence. The client was videotaped throughout the process. Outcome: Right before jury trial, the government offered a reduction to Reckless Driving.
  • DUI, 2nd Offense; Refusal to Take Breathalyzer; Violation of Business Purpose Only License
    Case: State v. J.L Case #: 2010-ct-0X2X7XA County: Brevard County Date: September 2010 Facts: The client was alleged to have run a red light and was pulled over by the police. The police had the client perform field sobriety exercises. The police advised the client that he did not perform to standard, and he was arrested. The client refused a breathalyzer test for the second time, so the police charged him with refusal as well as his second offense of DUI. In addition, the police accuse the defendant of violating his business purpose only license. Outcome: Right before picking a jury, the state dismissed the DUI charge against the defendant. The defendant did plead guilty to the refusal charge and was placed on probation. Yet the defendant did not receive a second driving under the influence.

The Opinions
That Matter

  • He’s very in tune to your case and will treat it with due respect.

    “Bryan is a great lawyer, very professional. He’s very in tune to your case and will treat it with due respect.”


  • Very professional!! I would recommend 100% and if I ever need legal services again, they would be the first place I would call!!

    “Very professional!! I would recommend 100% and if I ever need legal services again, they would be the first place I would call!! Thanks for everything!!”


  • Great lawyer

    “Great lawyer. Never hired a lawyer before so I was nervous. Bryan was cheaper than the other lawyers I called. He answered all my questions. I went to one court date and got only fines and court cost. Hopefully don't need to, but would definitely use again, and recommend. Thanks Bryan”


  • When I had my free consultation with him, I was blown away. His professionalism, intelligence, and character is everything you would ever want in a lawyer.

    “I had never previously been in an ounce of trouble; not even a detention in high school. When I learned that I had been charged with a felony punishable by a maximum sentence of five years of imprisonment, my life flashed before my eyes. I as stunned and shell-shocked by the experience. When I was contemplating my options on a public defender or a lawyer, my friend, who had been in trouble recently, recommended “The Savior” (at least that’s what I call him now!) Mr. McCarthy! This man knows what he’s doing! When I had my free consultation with him, I was blown away. His professionalism, intelligence, and character is everything you would ever want in a lawyer. Bryan knows the law inside and out to the point where once you leave the office, you’ll be gaping with eyebrows raised and say to yourself, “Wow … I’m impressed.” Needless to say, I felt ten times more comfortable coming out of that office than I did going in. When consulting with him, he utilized the perfect blend of realism and reassurance to let me know of my potential outcomes while simultaneously restoring my peace of mind. I felt that I could live worry-free after hiring him. Oh, and guess what?! After his dedication to my case, I learned about a month later that the charges were COMPLETELY DROPPED! You read that right! COMPLETELY DROPPED! I was so thankful that I looked up into the sky and shed tears with my mom’s arms wrapped around me, and it was all because of Mr. McCarthy. This man made the continuance of my dream to pursue teaching possible! Whatever you are looking for in a lawyer, I guarantee you!! Mr. McCarthy is the man! He is “The Savior!””


  • He asked all the right questions and was very careful to make sure he understood my case so that he was prepared to represent me at a hearing that I could not attend!

    “I hired Mr. McCarthy and could not have made a better choice! He asked all the right questions and was very careful to make sure he understood my case so that he was prepared to represent me at a hearing that I could not attend! Needless to say his preparation paid off for me! The hearing was ruled in my favor thanks to Attorney Bryan McCarthy! I would high recommend Bryan to anyone!”


Meet Our Attorney

  • Bryan McCarthy
    Bryan McCarthy Attorney
  • Bryan McCarthy Attorney
    Bryan McCarthy

    Bryan McCarthy is a skilled criminal defense attorney who is passionate about helping those facing criminal charges in Melbourne, Florida, and the surrounding areas. He studied accounting at Florida State University and earned his bachelor’s degree in 2007. In 2010, he earned his juris doctor from Syracuse University College of Law. Bryan began his career in private practice in New York and later worked as a public defender in Brevard County. Now, he uses his experience to help those facing various misdemeanor and felony charges in Central Florida. Read More

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Germian & McCarthy

Aggressive legal Representation in Brevard County, FL

for Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Matters

By visiting this website, you are taking an important first step in learning more general information about your particular legal situation, whether it be a criminal charge and possible defenses or what you need to do to bring a personal injury claim. No substitute exists, however, for speaking directly with an attorney about your case. An attorney can help you protect your rights at every stage of the case.

When handling criminal defense cases, our goal is to help our clients avoid the direct and indirect consequences of a criminal conviction. Many of the clients that we represent have no prior criminal record. We are adept at assisting clients with complex and delicate matters and have experience representing clients from all professions and backgrounds. Certain professions require special state or federal licenses or certification, such as doctors and physicians, nurses, lawyers, private and public school teachers, state and federal law enforcement officers, and members of the military. Individuals in these professions face special licensure issues after an arrest and prosecution.

In both matters of criminal defense and personal injury, we strive to provide our clients with the compassionate, personalized, and reliable legal representation they need and deserve. Reach out to our Melbourne criminal defense attorney or our personal injury team today to discuss your case.

Contact our Brevard County criminal defense attorney for a complimentary case evaluation. Call us at (321) 248-7742!


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