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Medical Marijuana Allows Patients to Live Meaningful Lives

The video above discusses the benefits that medical marijuana has on the life of Tim Morgan, a man who suffered a severe spinal cord injury after an accident while working as a lifeguard as a teenager. As his brother, John, says in the video, no drug ever helped him and “only medical marijuana has allowed…
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The Constitutionality of Florida Statute 316.1939 after Missouri v. McNeely

If you have a Florida driver’s license or drive on Florida’s roads, then Florida law provides that you have already consented to submit to a lawfully requested breath, blood or urine test after a DUI arrest. Nevertheless, recent statistics in Florida show that more than 40% of DUI cases result in an allegation of a…
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Sex work targeted in Brevard County investigation

An ongoing investigation by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office is targeting both sex workers and those in the sex work industry. Just last week, another man was arrested in Melbourne, accused of deriving proceed from prostitution. He was also charged with possession of a controlled substance and driving with a suspended license. According to Florida…
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Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights in Florida

Did you know that Law Enforcement Officers in Florida have their own special bill of rights? Florida’s version known as “LEOBoR” can be found at Florida Statute Sections 112.532-534. Understanding the extra protections, rights and privileges that Law Enforcement Officers enjoy when faced with criminal accusations will tell you a lot about how our criminal…
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What is the Difference Between Assault and Battery under Florida Law?

In popular culture, people often use the phrase “assault and battery.” In some states, “assault and battery” is its own crime. In the state of Florida, however, the crime of assault is different and separate from the crime of battery. Assault involves a threat of violence while battery involves actual violence through an offensive touching….
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